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Stick with it. Partner up with a financially stable buddy who digs this idea. Use a site like bookiemarket to track your clients. Don’t take cash in hand all the time (people won’t trust you) Tbf I wanna become a bookie too but I just haven’t had the time lately …. 1. level 1.

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If you are asking r/sportsbook on how to be a bookie, maybe becoming a bookie isn't right for you. 27. level 1. bdohrn. · 5y. My bookie uses a site that I believe he subscribes or pays to use.... Has accounts for his bettors (like me and my friends).

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Take their bets. Make the same bets yourself at an online sportsbook. Collect a 1% "tax" on winnings.

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Posted by 9 years ago. I use to be a bookie out in California. AMA. I started off betting on football. Seeing how the people around me and I can not win (long term). I started taking bets of friends. My business grew over the years. I enjoyed it while it lasted. I stopped due to a more than 1 reason.

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1. level 1. Bardamu911. · 2y. the great thing about bookies as opposed to online sites is that the bookies can offer you credit so you can keep gambling and try to win your loses back if you temporarily find yourself in the hole. 11. level 2. bigtexwasaninsidejob. · 2y.

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I found my local bookie through my girlfriend. Just happens to be her friends boyfriend. It is definitely easier to bet through them. I do like nitrogen though because it is harder to bet money you don't have compared to a local bookie where you pay or get paid at the end of the week.

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MyBookie Bonus Codes. Hey Reddit, I just recently grabbed a MyBookie bonus that reigned me in a lot of dollar - sharing it here: https://mybookie.ag/bonus/. I grabbed the 50% first deposit match bonus on sports. I deposited $500, got a $250 bonus, put it on the NBA - and took home over $1,000. Not even kidding.

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Two popular ones are r/sportsbook and r/sportsbetting. Joining the subreddit is the first thing you should do. Then, after 30-days, and if you’ve acquired enough “karma,” you can create your subreddit. After that, you can tell your players about your Reddit community.

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A bookie is someone that makes bets and handles payouts whenever someone wins. As a college student, you can become a bookie and start earning more than you would with any part-time job in your area. Becoming a bookie doesn’t require much, but you’ll need to know a lot about sports.

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A bookie used to need a fair amount of mathematical prowess in order to create odds for different bets. But now, all the calculations are done through a computer program. The software can even pay out the winners without interference. This means all the bookie has to do is calculate the profits or losses. 2. Customers Come to You